Sunday, March 24, 2013

Week in Review

I'd like to say it was a busy week but, honestly, not really. We've had a few snow storms blow storms in last week (what state hasn't?) which caused a change in my work schedule, mainly less of it.

You'd think that would mean the extra time equaled extra energy. You'd be wrong. I don't know that I was much more motivated this week than last, during the Yoga Instructor course class on Wednesday I pretty much explained that I just feel drained.

I still shoved the DVD's in and pushed play! I'm getting better, I can already see an improvement in movement and endurance. Recently, I've been following ChaLEAN Extreme's (CLX) work-out with Hip Hop Abs (HHA).

In the meantime, I've been doing a little research on upcoming races on days I won't be working. In the past I've run probably over half a dozen 5K's and 2 Half Marathons. I would love to get back into running again. I found one at the end of April which would give me nearly 6 weeks to train along with the DVD's. I'm leaning towards signing up for it; but I'm hesitant to make the commitment...

And? next week is going to be tough; the kids will be on Easter break and we have plans that will really mess up my daily routine for most of the days. That's without even mentioning the havoc that will undoubtedly be wreaking on my eating habits and choices. Only time will tell.

At any rate, I'm on Day 22, which means I get to take photos and measurements for my Progress report soon. The scale hasn't seemed to have budged any. I don't make a daily habit of hopping on the scales, especially when starting a work out program because occasionally those first few weeks will show an increase in numbers, but I had a doctor appointment last week and the numbers on the scale were kind of unsettling so I had to get on my to compare since that's the one I report from.

However, my jeans fit much better! So, that's always hopeful.

I've also increased my consistency in drinking Shakeology. I use our raw goat's milk and a little Peanut Butter and whip it together with a hand blender for breakfast. I find not only does it make a great breakfast supplement but I feel full for a really long time, well into the afternoon which makes me eat less and make better choices for lunch. Which, in turn, help with drinking more water versus my typical favorite to grab - pop.

All in all, I'm just feeling better all the way around. In fact, despite driving to the doctor's in a snow storm, my blood pressure was still down from the previous visit nearly 2 months prior! Now that's improvement worth getting excited over!! I'd like to say I'm sleeping better, but I'm still waiting for my back to improve completely before I manage to get that.

Here's to starting another week!

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