Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stats...and Set Backs

Well, I measure myself....okay, I had my husband do the measuring, and compared by before and after 30 stats. I wish I could say I had wonderful results but it's not all sunshine and roses for me despite all the hard work. I did not lose any weight when stepping on the scales, and according to the measurements I lost in some areas in half and full inches while gaining a quarter or half inch in other areas. Also, I was initially limited by the required stats on Beach Body but after some searching found another site that also includes measurements of fore arms, neck, calves, and shoulders.

So, I did a little math subtracting added inches from the lost inches and my grand total of inches loss is 3.75! My actual total loss was 6 for the month, but I gained a half inch here and there so I subtracted that to get the 3.75. Either way, it's pretty awesome.

And? even though the inches doesn't seem like a whole lot especially when figuring that the scales didn't move; but, I've noticed my clothes fit differently - better.

Unfortunately, I'm suffering from a little set-back right now. A virus, actually. It started as a cold and decided to bother my stomach so I didn't work out today. And I have a feeling I won't much feel like doing it tomorrow either. So, I think I'll start next week as week 5 if I can't work out this week. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. I just don't want to take too many days off but continue the program as if I didn't have a break. I'll know better tomorrow.