Sunday, May 19, 2013

Is the Struggle Over?

I've done Jillian Micheals DVD, Tony Horton's work outs, Turbofire, Chalean Extreme, Hip Hop Abs, and even Insanity. I've run several 5K's with decent timing (PR 34.11) and two half marathons. Yet, I look like I need to get off the couch and do something. On several occasions I've asked professionals for advice and once I've recounted my many physical endeavors their go-to response has always been:  "Well, what are you eating?" 

Seriously? I know diet is a factor but why is it important that I tell you what I eat when no one asks a skinny girl that while she's enjoying donuts, soda/pop and regular visits to fast food joints.

But, I'll play along...

I eat decently. Good helpings of fruits and vegetables, appropriate amounts of lean meats, dairy, whole wheat breads and pastas - and I read the labels! - and I'm not saying my eating habits are perfect, I enjoy sweets or salty pleasures now and again and occasionally play it lazy and hit a fast food joint or order pizza, but not on a regular basis. 

I've been using Supertracker to keep a more vigilant eye on my eating habits just in case I was lieing to myself as these many professionals insinuate is the case. I do not lie when tracking my food, I enter every amount of each food including if I splurge on pop, ice cream, cake, or whatever. This system lets me not only keep track of my calories but also how much of it is empty calories. Grant it, I do go over the recommended daily quota, but not by much. And, certainly not obesity-level over.

So, once again, hitting a frustrating wall of no answers. What's intriguing is I lose weight every time I'm pregnant! Not from sickness. Not from lack of eating. Not from avoiding foods. Not from any other change aside from being pregnant. I manage to keep it off until close to 3-4 months after having my baby then it usually comes in leaps and bounds. The last time was 10lbs in one month! I had the general thyroid test but to no avail then given shrugs and asked once again what I eat in a day. Obviously this is the only answer. And, once again I am insulted that since I'm heavy that automatically equates poor eating habits when I know for a fact that the opposite isn't true:  Being skinny DOES NOT equal good eating habits. If this can be applied to the skinny why can't the opposite be applied to the heavy?

So, I've tried a battering ram of things, continually subjecting myself to society's definition of healthy along with what they consider the solution and nearly buying into the concept that if nothing's working it is because I am so obviously doing something wrong.

Like I've said I've done some extreme work out programs and even managed to run 2 half marathons in the time span of less than 6 months. The fact is, I might look like I don't move much but I am actually a fairly physical person. So, what now?

Well, a friend, who seems to struggle pretty much the same way, had come across an all natural product which sole purpose is more for creating a better balance within the body but often results in weight loss for those who struggle. She didn't say much until after the first week then she posted pictures with results from day one to only one week later. Her results were amazing. I had questions!

Needless to say, less than a few days later I bought my own supply of Plexus and began my own journey. One of the main reasons I was interested was because the products mention candida, which is a non-contagious body yeast that is always present in the body but the body's own natural balance of bacteria keeps it in check. But, when there's an in-balance, for whatever reason, it can create havoc with symptoms that include sugar cravings, depression, fatigue, acne, joint and/or muscle pain and many more, and how it helps balance the body and get rid of it.

 I know I have candida, struggled with it since my teens.
So, I figured what do I have to lose? I'll give it a try and I'm not completely sold on thinness as much as getting balanced: which, I feel my body is so obviously in need.

The main product is Plexus Slim:

"Plexus Slim’s ingredients are all natural i.e. plant extracts, and they are completely safe. Ingredients are – Proprietary Health Blend*, Low Glycemic Index Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Beet Root & Grape Skin extract, Stevia Extract, Lo Han Extract *Proprietary Health Blend: Chlorogenic Acid (plant extract), Citrin K (Garcinia Cambogia), Alpha Lipoic Acid, Oxypregnane Steroidal Glycoside (plant extract), Chromium (Amino Nicotinate GTF). All ingredients are natural with no artificial coloring or flavoring"

I've also been taking the Accelerator, Bio Cleanse, and Pro Bio5 and every one of the are made up of all natural ingredients.

I was going to wait one week, as so many others I've know have done, but I couldn't wait. Since taking a combination I lost a craving for sugar, have no desire for pop or coffee with water being sufficient, and even have woken in the morning, early. Without an alarm clock...and I hate mornings!! I was up on Saturday at 5:15 AM. If you know me you know this? is a BIG deal.

So, I'm here to share:

"Based on the feed-back from people who are taking Plexus Slim, we are hearing four pretty consistent things: first, people say they feel calmer throughout the day; second, people tell us they are sleeping much better at night: third, people notice their appetites are down; fourth, people tell us that they aren't snacking as often; some have told us their snacking, especially sweets like chocolate and candy, has totally stopped."

Yep, found this to be true. And, when I feel the need to snack a handful of grapes is sufficient and I actually crave it now. Only those who've experienced the same as I can fully understand when I state I've always wanted grapes to something I would feel fulfilled when snacking but no matter how hard I tried to train my body in the pattern it wouldn't conform. Now, I don't even have to try, it's it should be!!

So, can I eat whatever now?

"If you keep on doing what you have always been doing, you will keep on getting what you have always been getting. In reverse, if you want to lose weight permanently, you will need to eat differently than before. Plexus Slim is formulated to help you make a life-style change to your eating habits. Plexus Slim contains natural ingredients that have been shown to reduce appetite. However, some people just ignore their body’s new messages and keep on eating like before."

Again, I believe my eating habits weren't the best but neither were they deplorable...however, I'm still using the supertracker and my empty carb feasting has decreased..

"Most people are trained to eat with their eyes and eat by the clock. What do we mean by that? Has this ever happened to you? You look at the clock and realize it is supper time. You sit down to eat your supper and realize that you really aren’t hungry. But, because it is supper time, you eat your supper anyway. That’s what we mean by eating by the clock. Some people sit down for a meal and fill up their entire plate with food. Then, they eat until everything on the plate is gone. They are not listening to their bodies."

This is something I have been trying to retrain my body as well as raise my kids against. I've had an issue with the thought process of eating because it's noon and cleaning your plate because you were raised to do so. My kids are trained to stop eating once they are full. I honestly feel they have a better relationship with food than I ever did and let's face it, the habits and addiction associated with food can be akin to a drug yet unlike other drugs you can't just keep away from it - we need food daily to nourish and energize our bodies.

So, let's just use food to nourish and energize our bodies!

If you have any questions regarding Plexus you can visit my website or call, email, or even Facebook message me and I'll be happy to talk about it to the best of my abilities, I am a newbie afterall.
And, in a couple days I'll post my first week results.

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